What is ATC’s Mission?

The Automotive Training Center equips its graduates with the necessary skills to pursue their dreams of an automotive career path, college graduation, and business ownership.

What is ATC’s Vision?

To mold every young man into a thriving leader in their community by embodying the values of confidence, work ethic, and curiosity about learning.

Automotive Training Center

The Automotive Training Center is a program in Atlanta, Georgia that provides young men with technical training so that they may obtain entry-level employment in the automotive repair industry. The majority of ATC’s students are drawn from low-income neighborhoods where unemployment and high school drop out rates are both high. ATC was founded on the principle that all of its students have untapped potential that has not developed because of their specific life circumstances. ATC gives its students opportunities to grow the technical and entrepreneurial skills they already possess. ATC instills these values in its students through a positive, encouraging, and challenging learning environment. ATC’s training produces graduates that are more likely to maintain stable employment, become business owners, and have stable family lives when compared to their peers.